Some recent walks


22 July Labertouche Caves 11 km

Today our leaders took us to Nangara Reserve then on a steady climb to the Labertouche Caves. The walk was mostly on a firetrack, with some detours to see the sculptures in the reserve and to explore the caves area. Really interesting to see the forest understorey regrowth after the 2009 bushfires.

31 June Blackwood Tunnel loop

We had perfect winter conditions for this walk into the Lerderderg State Park and managed to find one small section (near Shaws Lake) that was new to everyone. A mostly easy walk, with a very steep climb down to The Tunnel, followed by a very steep climb up to the lovely Byers Back Track.

2 June Burchell Trail Leg 2

Thanks to Terry and Heather, we enjoyed a rugged and beautiful section of the Burchell Trail in the Brisbane Ranges National Park. This lovely walk involved a drive into Little River Campground, then a walk along the river bed before climbing out.

5 May Burchell Trail Leg 1

We’re doing the Burchell Trail! The first leg from Boar Gully to Little River is only about 10 km with one serious climb. This was a new walk for most of us. We’ve done many walks in the Brisbane Ranges, and this Trail seems to link them all together. Really looking forward to the next two sections.

28 April Spring Gully

We always enjoy a walk around the Goldfields. Thanks to our leaders for a fine day for exploring Spring Gully, near Chewton. The whole area was dug up, sluiced, scoured for the precious metal. There are huge mullock heaps and other signs of the feverish activity that once took over this place. Later, at the Malmsbury Bakery, some of us had some Eccles cakes!

East Falls Track Tallarook Forest 12 km 21 April

Terry and Heather took us on this fabulous walk in the Tallarook State Forest. Included were the magnificent Warragul Rocks and Falls Creek Reservoir. The weather was ideal for us to fully enjoy this beautiful walk. Photos by Ken.


Hepburn Springs two-loop walk  12 km 14 April

Another great turnout with twenty people at our Hepburn Springs two-loop walk yesterday.  Plenty of ups and downs, including a snippet of the Goldsfield Track and some other tracks that were new to us all. Thanks to Ken for the walk and the photos!

City lanes and arcades Wednesday 10 April

Our Wednesday walks are short and accessible by public transport. Thanks to Maria and Gino for leading this very interesting and informative walk through parts of Melbourne we’d never noticed. Photos by Tony.

Sweetwater Creek to Frankston Reservoir 7 April

We had no idea Frankston had this pretty walk hidden away. A great day following Sweetwater Creek from the bay to Frankston Reservoir. Thanks to Geoff for finding this for us!

Toolangi Forest and Mt St Leonard 14 km 24 March

It was a perfect day in Toolangi Forest under Gino’s expert leadership. We enjoyed the beautiful Wirrawilla Rainforest Walk, the Tanglefoot Track with its towering Eucalyptus regnans trees, the climb to Mt St Leonard and of course the descent after lunch. Quite dry at the moment, so no leeches!


Camperdown holiday

Twenty-two Ramblers had a great couple of days exploring the volcanoes and rail trail around Camperdown. Unfortunately the gale-force winds stopped us three quarters of the way up Mount Elephant, but we returned the next day to conquer Mt Noorat!

Anakie Gorge and Ted Errey Nature Trail 13.5 km 1 October

This walk began in a howling gale! Fortunately the wind dropped and we were able to climb safely to the ridge above the gorge. This excellent walk features a beautiful gorge, a good climb, expansive views and diverse flora. Especially looked out for the horny conebush!

Boots Gully 15 km 20 August

Beautiful spring day at Boots Gully, near Daylesford. We walked through an eclectic mix of forest, old gold workings, open farmland and some delightfully quirky stuff. We especially loved the peace and quiet at our lunch spot at Henderson Spring.

You Yangs 10 km 23 July

The You Yangs never disappoints. Such variety and grandeur in this small area. We walked the track around Flinders Peak in the morning then went to the Branding Yards track in the afternoon. Lots of other walkers were enjoying the area!

Blackwood 12.5 km 2 July

Perfect cold conditions for the beautiful Lerderderg Heritage River Walk in the morning followed by a lovely loop close to the town.  The heath was blooming and the rivers and creeks were running. We had a short taste of the Lerderderg Track and had fun trying to cross Yankee Creek without getting our feet wet.

Leanganook (Mt Alexander) Summit Walk 11 June

A superb place for a walk. Fascinating rock formations, great views and interesting flora. This was a 13 km ‘figure of 8’ walk with enough up and down to satisfy, and lunch with a view. Those rocks were amazing.

Sunbury to Sunbury Pop Festival site 30 May

Ken led us through grassland, over and along two creeks and up and down gullies with expansive views. At a memorial to Billy Thorpe, we listened to some of his music. All quiet at the actual spot now, but you can still find ‘relics’ of the gathering – countless rip tops from cans.


Mt Macedon 6 November

Great day on the forested slopes of Mount Macedon. Despite recent rain, conditions were near perfect. None of us lost our footing. Thanks to Paul for getting us to the top and back in one piece.

Whisky Creek 18 September

We were lucky to get this walk done without getting wet. The last piece of the Lerderderg Track jigsaw puzzle. This walk provided a good workout and a ‘will we or won’t we’ creek crossing. Excellent!

La Franchi Hut

This was a new walk for us. A cold, sometimes rainy, day but no wind! We walked through this interesting and varied area near Daylesford. And came across La Franchi Hut and the only-just-standing Stevensons Hut.

Lerderderg Track 17 July

Lovely 12 km walk from Mt Blackwood to Swans Rd, near Bacchus Marsh. This is one of the easier legs of the Lerderderg Track, with forest sections and some fine panoramic views. And we managed to stay dry!